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what your child will learn and complete in a year

What your child will learn

There are six levels in Computer Educare that your child will learn and complete in a year:

  • Level One – Operations and functions of the computer.
  • Level Two – Educational programs (which teaches them Maths skills, Language skills, listening skills, thinking skills and so much more).
  • Level Three – Micosoft Paint
  • Level Four – Microsoft PowerPoint and Word
  • Level Five – Microsoft Publisher
  • Level Six – Android Tablet and Coding

We go to all the schools and creches’ who will allow us to operate in their premises. 

Children ages from 3 to 6 years. 

We also do private lessons at your home for your child if you wish us to do so.

We use laptops, with roll out keyboards which have a separate mouse  which makes it easier to use for the child than the touchpad. 

The more advanced kids who have been with us for more than a year work with tablets, once they have mastered the laptop.

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